The Most Important Thing We Do..

Remember Me Collection

The Remember Me Collection is one the most important things we do and every year we expand that collection and we are starting early this year! Now there are two types of people in the world so some of you are like “early?! I’m already done Christmas shopping!” and some of you are like “What are you talking about crazy person, it is ONLY JULY!” And I am in the latter category of people and do not ever shop until Black Friday so I feel ya! But there are lot of changes coming in our lives and some changes coming to the store you may care about if you are reading this, which I hope at least 1-5 people do,( probably my Mom, Hi Mom).. So here is the info you need! The Remember Me Collection is a collection of items that display your loved ones signature. How does this happen? That is easy, you find a letter, a card, whatever you have, I have even used an old piece of paper my grandfather used to doodle arrows on while he was on the phone one day that got thrown in a box, you take a photo of it and email it to me. I will preview it, make sure it work and approve that image for you, you choose what you want to put it on and we print it, apply it and send it you for you to keep for yourself or gift. We started doing just one red ornament two years ago and last year we expanded to several ornaments, pillows and snow globes. This year we are picking up photo frames for sure and I’m debating on a few other items. We absolutely LOVE doing these! We have ornaments from our grandparents on our tree every year which is very special to us, and we have a pillow with my grandfathers doodles and handwriting on our couch. The only drawback to doing this is that we do them at reasonable prices and we do get overwhelmed every year. We worked literally all day, every day for two months, last year it was a little too much so this year we are going to start early with the orders and cut them off early as well so we don’t miss the Christmas Season with our own children. We will also offer limited quantities of some items but I will keep you updated on those, but please if you want something, let just know, if you can’t pay right then, let us know to put one aside for you, we do that! We love to hear your stories, I can’t tell you how many times Derek and I have sat here crying because someone just lose a loved one and they need these for their families for Christmas.We know how important this is people to we love being able to help make those memories, we do offer discounts if you have a large family because I know how that goes and you may need 15 ornaments! I want to also point out that you do not have to have lost someone to take advantage of this, because I have terrible news for you, you are going to die… #spoileralert 🙁 I’m sorry! That was a buzz kill. But my point is, I made these for my kids, the photo of this frame, in the picture on this blog is mine, it may not mean much to my kids now because I have two boys who have a mom who is alive and well but one day when I am gone, they can have to this hold on to and remember me.

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