What you see, isn’t always what you get…

Sometimes that’s a very bad thing but in this case, it’s a great thing! We get questions all the time about whether or not we do any products for diseases other than liver or cancer and the answer is YES!  Actually, that is exactly what we do! You’re going to see a lot of “green ribbon” and “BA” stuff on this site and the reason is simple, most of the shirts you see are actual shirts that belong to our family. Not a mock up, so we tend to a few choice causes that are close to our heart. But if you look a little deeper you;ll see that we personalize all our “awareness” related items to you! You select the colors to match your cause! We can do any cause that is important to you and we want to! You can select these options when you see you a design you like, click it, and choose your preferences. Don’t see exactly what you had in mind? No worries! Just go to the contact page and send us a message. We want to make something special just for you! So that cute green ribbon shirt you love but need in gold? Yeah, we do that!

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