Two Things We Love About Christmas…

It seems like everyone should just love Christmas time but let’s get real, some people do not and some have a good reason for that. Every Christmas we come out with new feel good items to hopefully make people smile and/or cry on Christmas morning. Our best seller this year so far has been the Signature Collection Ornaments, which feature a loved ones signature. These actually can be used in a number of ways, some use them with handwriting of a loved one that they have lost, some use them to write message of love to their family members in their own handwriting. We love hearing the stories that come with these and personally we have three handwritten ornaments on our tree this year and I intend to make some for my children so that they will always have them. We use the handwriting to make pillows as well, which are definitely worth checking out too.


Today we are releasing our hand and foot print ornaments! I feel like these are amazing because you can take a hand or foot print of someone of any age and get it put on these ornaments. Most parents love seeing those little baby prints and the preschool prints that get sent home from school but seriously, we even have hand prints from our son when he was 15! They all work! They look beautiful up on the tree and they are a really sweet gift.

Capture your child’s hand or foot print on an ornament.
Put a loved ones handwriting on an ornament.

These are two things we love to be able to offer at Christmas because no matter how you choose to do it, they are all filled with love.


And that is what it is all about.

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